I am a First Nation Elected leader from Treaty 8 territory in Alberta, Canada. I am going to start sharing conversations that I have with Government, consultants, other First Nations, and others to hopefully shed some light on what it’s like navigating Canada with a recovering Indigenous Mindset.

The following is my side of a follow up conversation with a project manager who works with indigenous communities.

Thanks — — , I enjoyed our discussion as well. I really appreciate your comments about working yourself out of a job as I feel that the system and processes in place that deal with first nations and indigenous groups in this country are very wasteful, top-down approaches that leave nations vulnerable…

Teenage names
on weak, thin barriers,
etched in cheap hospital blue
with nothing bigger than a dime.

Not full names,
just the first name or initials,
can not commit
even though “love” or a heart is…

The sun shines
with crooked lines,
the rivers flow
and the grass grows,
but no one knows.

We are dirt people
animal people,
need dusting off
we’ve developed a cough.

Earthy buds on frail fingertips spring and gasp
as a sign of promise and principle,

Birds talk feverishly,
consumed by thoughts of grand copulations
feathers furled to avoid confrontations.



Poet and occasionally capable of coherent sentences on indigenous issues, music, sports, and the world at large. Currently on council for my First Nation.

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